Significant improvement in overall leadership delivery

About the company

Jacques Hau employs over 1500 people, specialising in clothing manufacturing. Whilst the bulk of their customers are based in a BRICS member country, Jacques Hau also supplies globally.


Significant improvement to overall Total Preventative Maintenance approach at the firm

Strengthened and significant improvement in overall leadership delivery style of team leaders

Executive summary

Historically, a company structured around a typically top-down management approach. A firm which is now focused on developing their staff to empower them to be better leaders, making better decisions across the business.


Team leaders whilst knowable and capable of delivering great quality in their functional areas, lacked confidence and leadership qualities required by Senior Management.

How TRACE helped

Since TRACE has been implemented, three team leaders were promoted into more senior positions. Overall confidence and leadership style has changed positively. TRACE, particularly through the Project Management and Leadership modules coupled with the deep experience provided by the facilitator guided, coached and encouraged the learners to adopt an open and transparent role as a leader within the organisation. Staff are more receptive to their team leaders and have acknowledged an inclusive approach towards adopting a culture of continuous improvement at the shop-floor level.

Results and future plans

Jacques Hau acknowledged their continued focus on developing team leaders in their organisation. A new intake of team leaders and supervisors are currently enrolled in a TRACE programme. The firm will be incorporating a mentor programme with those team leaders that have completed the TRACE programme previously. Developing team leaders and middle managers is a key focus for Jacques Hau going forward.

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