Tool: Lean Boot Camp Success


Unrealised waste cost optimisation initiatives impeding firm profitability and cash flow.


Comprehensive management and supervisor Lean ‘Boot Camp’ to foster a culture of Kaizen and continuous improvement and realise opportunities in waste cost optimisation.


Case Study:

Zulu Lounge is a leading manufacturer of the furniture and allied products, specialising in lounge suites, corner sets, couches, and occasional chairs. Zulu Lounge is a member of the eThekwini Furniture Cluster (EFC), a cluster facilitated by B&M Analysts, and participated in B&M Analyst’ Lean Boot Camp to assist in the identification and implementation of waste cost optimisation strategies to improve their cost competitiveness and profitability.

B&M Analysts’ Lean Boot Camp is an intensive six-week programme focused on equipping managers and supervisors with the principles and basic implementation processes of lean manufacturing, and is designed to fast track manufacturer competitiveness and flexibility.  Through the programme Zulu Lounge Lean unpacked and implemented strategies for waste minimisation and saw significant operational performance and gross profit margin improvements.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Zulu Lounge has been an active participant in the B&M Analysts’ Risk Mitigation Working Groups. Building on the learnings from the Lean Boot Camp, they used the Lockdown as an opportunity to implement further waste reduction projects and mitigate the cash flow and liquidity risks faced by many firms during the Lockdown.