Assessing the relative competitiveness of enterprises, sectors and value chains

Competitiveness Assessment

Our benchmarking service offers individual enterprises an objective assessment of their operational performance and competitiveness, relative to local and international subsector comparators, based on our extensive database of enterprises from a variety of geographic locations and sub-sectors.

Our unique methodology assesses enterprise internal performance, supporting decision making pertaining to resource allocations and identification of intervention focus areas. In addition, it locates enterprise-level strengths and weaknesses within a designated value chain, and informs our clients on how to better interface with their customers and supply chain.

We provide this service to individual enterprises, typically under contract to the individual enterprise, industry clusters, or development agencies.

Competitiveness assessment case studies

Monitoring and Evaluation

We offer development agencies a service to objectively assess their industry upgrading programmes through a cost effective partnership model that empowers local implementation partners and enhances programme success.

Our unique benchmarking methodology is used to assess enterprises participating in the programme so as to determine baseline performance of the enterprises and the programme as a whole, potentially providing critical inputs into the implementation phase of the programme. The post implementation process then evaluates impact and allows for recommendations to be made that support intervention sustainability and enhance future programme impact.

Our clients include government departments and development agencies both locally and internationally with a role in multi-enterprise development programmes.

Monitoring and evaluation case studies

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