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Sector development clusters

Our approach to cluster development and facilitation represents an opportunity for improving competitiveness, enhancing capabilities and accelerated growth of specific industries to the benefit of both the public and private stakeholders.

We have substantial expertise in respect of clusters based on research into clustering, visits to international best practice examples of clustering, and learning through practical application. Our service capabilities span cluster strategy development, management, facilitation and selected service delivery to optimise the upgrading of industries.

We serve clients from all levels of government and are responsible for end to end service delivery to clusters in a range of industrial sectors.

Sector development case studies

Supply chain development

We work closely with lead enterprises and their key suppliers to develop and implement collaborative strategies that enhance the competitiveness of the value chain and support the growth of the lead enterprise.

We use our extensive sector knowledge and understanding of global value chains to design and facilitate supply chain alignment and upgrading interventions that position the lead enterprise, together with its key suppliers, to compete as leaders in their respective industries.

Our clients include large retailers and their respective key suppliers as well as global automotive OEMs and their key local suppliers.

Supply chain case studies

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