The KZNCTC Business Accelerator Programme has Helped KhanyiTex Thrive


KhanyiTex is a black owned Cut, Make & Trim (CMT) manufacturer specialising in Denim, Boxer Shorts (for chain stores) and PPE’s wholesale. Established in 2016, KhanyiTex now employs over 300 workers in Hammarsdale, Durban and surrounding areas.  


KhanyiTex joined the KZNCTC Accelerator in 2019 and through the market access opportunities and upgrading initiatives in their factory they were able to: 

  1. Increase sales volume from 5000 to 40,000 units per week in the first year (700% growth).
  2. Increase employment from 30 to 338 employees (1,027% growth) – all youth from Hammarsdale and Inchanga areas.
  3. Factory space increased from 150 to 850 then to 3000 sqm to accommodate growth.

As customers increased orders with KhanyiTex, Lean production methodologies implemented in the factory helped to stabilise production and drive efficiencies, whilst maintaining high quality and delivery reliability standards.  

The benefits of this growth have overflowed into two further initiatives driven by KhanyiTex: 

Firstly, through an NPO called Siyafunda Africa; established to train youth from the surrounding areas to become machinists at KhanyiTex and similar businesses in the area. “We are happy to say we are seeing more and more youth becoming breadwinners in their families, especially some coming from child headed families”, says Steven Mabugana, COO of KhanyiTex. 

Secondly, an early childhood Development Centre called New Beginnings was formed to provide facilities for their working mothers to bring their children to a safe and educational environment whilst at work. Steven adds, “this is where children from the surrounding communities can attend and get educated using a system that you would only find in a ‘High-End Private School’ bringing it to the community at a price that is much less than what they had been paying at other Crèches. This has also contributed towards a decline in Child Abuse cases, that were rising prior to launching New Beginnings ECD.” 

KhanyiTex would like to unreservedly thank B&M Analysts and the KZN CTC for the support. We are glad to say that these trainings and interventions have not only helped KhanyiTex but also the community through opportunities it has provided the Hammarsdale and Inchanga community. This is because as KhanyiTex grows it’s able to hire more youth from the surrounding communities.” 

KhanyiTex is now an Executive Committee member of the KZN CTC and is “excited to make a meaningful contribution to industry”. The KZN CTC would like to congratulate and celebrate KhanyiTex’s inspiring improvement journey and look forward to partnering as we collectively improve the local clothing and textile industry. 

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