Peer Learning & Crisis Risk Mitigation


COVID-19 created a near unmanageable crisis for manufacturers. The crisis fostered a unique challenge of simultaneous information overload and lack of clarity, meaning that managing business risk was extremely difficult.


A risk management programme, built upon the foundation of peer-to-peer learning that simplified the challenges associated with COVID-19.

Case Study:

H&R South Africa is a longstanding member of the Durban Chemicals Cluster, a cluster that B&M Analysts has facilitated since inception over a decade ago. During the crisis, H&R South Africa noted specific challenges with fast-changing regulations, lack of clarity on best practice and information overload. The cluster risk mitigation programme served to filter out the COVID-19 noise and redirect firms, like H&R South Africa to appropriate response and business risk management best practice.

In addition to the information filtering and dissemination, the cluster weekly Working Groups served as an invaluable source of information; the type of information that could not have been obtained anywhere else during the crisis. H&R South Africa noted that this was the single most valuable COVID-19 support intervention. Hearing from and discussing with other companies that were similarly affected by COVID-19 and that were grappling with similar challenges allowed H&R South Africa to implement some of the tips and best practices from peers in response to the crisis. Facilitating peer learning interventions and extracting and sharing manufacturing best practice remains a core competency of B&M Analysts.

“Great value was seen from this engagement and the support, especially during the initial phases of the lockdown, was excellent” said Rudi van Niekerk, Regional General Manager of H&R South Africa. “We have always drawn significant benefit from our association with the Durban Chemicals Cluster, but during the past months believe there was significant additional value to members”.

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Meghan King

Appointed as Director in 2021, Meghan King is currently responsible for the oversight, strategy, and management of the Manufacturing Led Value Chains Portfolio.