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What We Offer

Our Manufacturing Productivity Assessment service assesses key growth drivers, market intelligence, customer feedback, industry best practices and peer comparators to drive smarter, more strategic decision-making in pursuit of profitable and sustainable growth.

BMA | Manufacturing Productivity Assessment

Manufacturing Productivity Assessment

Our Manufacturing Productivity Assessment is a market-leading performance benchmarking system.
The Manufacturing Productivity Assessment drives smarter decision-making to unlock profitable and sustainable growth with a comprehensive assessment across four Growth Predictors delivered by one of our expert Consultants.


Aligned to ISO 14 064 standards, our carbon benchmarking programme assesses firm and value chain carbon footprints and highlights opportunities for improvement and decarbonisation. Our programme provides participating firms with a comparator analysis of their performance against similar firms, in similar industries to benchmark their green manufacturing performance.


We enable agile companies who are able to problem solve, operate efficiently and continuously improve their performance and profitability.

We help our clients to leverage their potential and improve their productivity through world class manufacturing systems. Decades of experience enable us to support our clients to achieve operational excellence through enabling technologies, sound data analysis, Lean process coaching and implementation, company change management.

What We Offer

  • Productivity performance analysis
  • Technology and data systems
  • Lean coaching and strategic change management
  • Performance monitoring and evaluation

Manufacturing Productivity Assessments within economic sectors

One of the strengths of our manufacturing productivity assessment services is that we are able to implement these across multiple economic and manufacturing sectors.