Clothing, Textiles and Footwear

From raw materials to retail, the clothing and textiles value chain is a global, dynamic industry.

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The CTFL value chain, from retail stores to manufacturing, is one of the largest drivers of employment globally. The global fashion industry is estimated to be worth US$2.4 trillion, with the industry supporting an estimated 75 million garment workers worldwide and a total of 300 million people across the entire value chain.

What We Offer

Driven by a deep understanding of global growth drivers-agility, sustainability and omnichannel retailing, we offer our retail and CTFL manufacturing clients:

  • Global and local sector intelligence
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Facilitation of manufacturing ecosystems where members benefit from collective knowledge and resource sharing to support agility, sustainability and cost competitiveness
  • Development and support of scalable industrial development solutions
  • Sourcing diversification strategy support
  • Quick Response/ In-season trading strategy development and execution
  • Programme management

Services offered within the CTFL Sector

We provide our core services within this sector