Research, Policy and Strategy

New insights and innovative solutions to complex problems.


Our research into the profile, performance and practices of industries at global, national and local levels is used by our public sector clients to respond to important industry upgrading and development challenges.

Our wealth of industry experience and contextual understanding of global value chains has informed the development of industrial policy that has as its focus, enhanced global competitiveness and sustainable growth.

We serve clients from international development agencies, all levels of government both locally and internationally, and industry associations.

What We Offer

Competencies include:

  • Sector intelligence
  • Market intelligence
  • Survey and qualitative data analysis
  • Decision and policy support through economic modelling
  • Monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes

Research, Policy and Strategy within economic sectors

One of the strengths of our research, policy and strategy services is that we are able to implement these across multiple economic and manufacturing sectors.