Risk Mitigation Support for Small Business

Small businesses are critical for the growth and development of the national economy and small manufacturers are key employers and revenue generators for marginalised geographies. However, the challenges faced by small businesses are often very different to those of large and established firms. This is why we at B&M Analysts provide targeted small business support to address the specific needs of emerging enterprises.

Indo Designs is a small, 100% black women owned and run business. Indo Designs specialises in the design, manufacturing and refurbishment of upholstery furniture and accessories for the public, government owned companies and private owned companies. Indo Designs joined the eThekwini Furniture Cluster (EFC), facilitated and managed by B&M Analysts, and have been active participants in the Cluster’s Small Business Working Group programme.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the Cluster implemented a structured programme of support targeted at small, medium and micro enterprises (SMEs), with the goal of supporting SMEs to understand and prepare for COVID-19 compliance requirements and risks and ultimately recover from the impact of the resultant constrained economic environment.

Through this programme, Indo Designs were able to not only identify and mitigate their most immediate risks, ensure compliance to the relevant legislation and regulations, but also to access shared learnings from other SMEs experiencing similar challenges. The collective knowledge pool of SME response and risk mitigation strategies proved invaluable to their response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Paige Sherriff

I am passionate about problem solving for the betterment of society. In 2022, this passion combined with my love for problem solving lead me to head up the skills development team at BMA. Persistent pressures on local industries mean that the development of skills is more important than ever to allow for senior leadership to focus on strategic business growth. The empowerment of employees to identify and solve problems in the production environment, as well as creating clear and data driven skills and leadership growth plans to not only important for business continuity, but effective transformation of industry. I believe that every person has a role to play and can make a positive contribution to his or hers work environment when empowered to do so.