Developing Future Leaders for Growth

The manufacturing industry is changing rapidly. The post-COVID-19 workplace does not look the same as it did before, and probably will never again. For many current and future leaders, this presents both challenges and opportunities, but what it means for firms is that their managers and leaders have had to adjust their priorities, adapt to new environments, and learn skills.

Many firms have had to face the challenges of downsizing and restructuring, and many managers and professionals have had to assume more responsibility, take on new roles and they require multiple skills and holistic knowledge of business to become effective.

Reskilling and multi-skilling leaders and professionals is therefore one of the biggest opportunities for businesses to ready their workforce for the future. Companies that can achieve this, and develop a pool of well-rounded leaders, will be able to foster agility and transform at a pace that leaves their competitors behind. For the employees it is worth noting that employers are more likely to promote people who are highly motivated, engaged and possess multiple skillsets, as the nature of work and industry is changing so quickly.

B&M Analysts’ Emerging Leadership Development Programme (ELDP) is a response to this challenge. The programme is designed to upskill the future leaders of industry through developing them as well-rounded, innovative individuals and affording them the opportunity to effect positive organisational change at their firm. The programme marries theoretical learning with practical, on-the-job mentorship and project implementation. While it is online in delivery, learners can implement practical projects at their workforce that not only strengthens their skills but ultimately provides significant benefit to their firms.

The programme embraces best practice in online learning and affords professionals the opportunity to learn at their own pace, with access to short bursts of online content 24/7. Learners cover content about all aspects of the manufacturing environment, including strategy, people management, project management, manufacturing innovation, operations, supply chain and financial management. This is underpinned by an inclusive practical that encourages them to apply their learnings and skills, in all these areas, to their businesses to affect significant and positive change.

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