Understanding, Unpacking and Addressing COVID-19 Risks


COVID-19 presented unprecedented challenges for manufacturers. Both first and second wave infections posed financial, operational and human resource risks to companies and left business leaders challenged with balancing and managing their short, medium and long term risks in order ensure current operations stability and compliance, while laying the foundation for long term business sustainability. Firms required a comprehensive support solution that provided them with a snapshot understanding of their risk profile, key risk areas and a platform to engage with other industry leaders on best practice management solutions to address risk. As a small automotive manufacturer, without the support of the B&M Analysts’ facilitated Durban Automotive Cluster, Enermous would have faced the risk of tackling the mounting challenges related to COVID-19 in isolation. They also required a comprehensive understanding of their risk profile and key areas of risk to ensure they deployed best practice solutions to mitigate these.


As cluster members, Enermous received support of the B&M Analysts’ Risk Mitigation Tool and associated COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Support Programme. The Working Groups provided an opportunity for firms to unpack and understand specific risks facing manufacturers and the tools provided valuable information regarding their risk profile in dealing with the pandemic. The Risk Management Tool assisted also assisted Enermous in developing their aspecific risk mitigation plan and responding accordingly.

At the start of the pandemic we were unsure of how the company was going address the pandemic. We did not know how to address the staff, how to protect the staff and what protocols had to be followed. The Working Groups have assisted us with providing valuable data and information to assist us with dealing with the pandemic. Interacting with other companies experiencing the same issues we were having and how they dealt with the issues assisted us” ~ Sugeshnee Naidoo

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