35 Learners Trained in The Foundations of Lean

The peak production season for most can be silly season with the immense pressures to deliver on time and in full.

To equip and empower Cape Clothing and Textile Cluster (CCTC) employees to easily identify waste and effectively improve process in preparation for peak season, we piloted the first ever two-day CCTC Team Leader Development Programme (TLDP) Blitz in November 2022.

The Blitz training provided CCTC companies with an opportunity for employees to practically understand the fundamentals of lean manufacturing with the goal of inspiring them to enjoy their jobs by empowering them to identify and solve problems with the 8 wastes and 6S.

The two-day training yielded 35 CCTC learners who were successfully empowered from PepClo, Freudenberg, Ciovita, Gencon, Alligator, Sheraton and Cotton Traders to drive continuous improvement in their firms through implementing the principles of lean.

  • 100% of the attendees reported that they felt empowered with knowledge and skills to implement changes for the better in their company.
  • 100% of attendees reported being confident that they can now identify problems and solutions better in their work.
  • 100% of attendees would recommend this to their colleagues.


  • Learners conducted a waste walk are able to identify waste in a factory and provide possible solutions.
  • Learners conducted a 6s audit which entailed identifying non-compliant areas and suggesting actions to ensure compliance.

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Paige Sherriff

I am passionate about problem solving for the betterment of society. In 2022, this passion combined with my love for problem solving lead me to head up the skills development team at BMA. Persistent pressures on local industries mean that the development of skills is more important than ever to allow for senior leadership to focus on strategic business growth. The empowerment of employees to identify and solve problems in the production environment, as well as creating clear and data driven skills and leadership growth plans to not only important for business continuity, but effective transformation of industry. I believe that every person has a role to play and can make a positive contribution to his or hers work environment when empowered to do so.