Strong sustainability profile confirmed at NCS South Africa by diagnostics

NCS South Africa received a GrowthFinder Diagnostic as part of its membership in the Durban Chemicals Cluster (DCC), a not-for-profit public-private partnership between the local chemicals sector and the eThekwini Municipality that aims to boost the competitiveness and growth of the local chemicals manufacturing industry. The DCC is managed by BMA, which focuses on growing manufacturing profitably and sustainably.

As part of the Diagnostic, one aspect assessed was Green Manufacturing, which entailed scoring firm-level adherence to key practices linked to the core sustainability areas of compliance, production inputs, production outputs, and supplier management and sourcing. The Diagnostic results confirmed NCS’s extremely strong performance in each of the assessed areas, positioning the company well ahead of comparative local firms that have been assessed through the diagnostics.

According to Sean Ellis of BMA, “The Green Manufacturing – Sustainability Practices results for NCS are definitely one of the strongest profiles that I have observed. The findings clearly position the firm as a leader in the space of sustainability practices, performing well ahead of other local firms.”

In support of the findings, Cathy Nirmal, SHEQ and Compliance Manager at NCS, highlighted that “Sustainability is a key focus area for us, in accordance with our commitment to the NCS Earthkind platform. We have been very innovative and have worked extensively with partners on our energy usage and water and effluent management. The confirmation that we are focusing on the right areas when it comes to Green Manufacturing by the diagnostics is encouraging.”