Dilex Purification: Revolutionising the Local Chemicals Industry

Dilex Purification is a 100% Black-owned business based in New Germany, KwaZulu-Natal that specialises in processing hazardous waste. Itu Rangaka, now Chief Executive Officer (CEO), bought the business back in 2015, and over the last 7-years has transformed it into the successful, family-run business it is today.  

“For as long as people live, there’s going to be waste. For me, processing waste is not just about saving the planet, but also saving myself and those around me. We have the sustainable solutions that we know can get us somewhere.” – Itu Rangaka, CEO of Dilex Purification 

Journey through the Accelerator 

The SME joined the Durban Chemicals Cluster’s (DCC) Accelerator in October 2022 and steadily progressed through the rigorous screening and capacity building phases to develop and deliver a compelling business pitch aligned with customers’ needs. Dilex’s potential has since caught the eye of several large customers made up of FFS Refiners, H&R Africa, NCS South Africa, Sherwin-Williams and SAPREF in the DCC’s annual “Dragons’ Den” event.  

Dilex stood out as the “Best Environmental Sustainability Solution” in the industry and was awarded an on-the-spot cash prize of R25 000 after pitching their value proposition to the panel of large customers.  

BMA | 0602 Img scaled

Figure 1: Itu Rangaka, Chief Executive Office of Dilex Purification, recognised as the “Best Environmental Sustainability Solution” in the 2022 DCC Dragons’ Den

The SME has since unlocked the more significant prize of the commercial opportunity to supply FFS Refiners and NCS South Africa with various waste processing services. Itu is in continued discussion with both customers to confirm their requirements and progress the identified commercial opportunities.With the support of representatives from the Economic Develop Unit at eThekwini Municipality, Dilex has successfully obtained their “scheduled trade permit.” This achievement marks the initial milestone towards acquiring their “waste transport permit,” both of which they have now secured to add greater value to their customers and unlock further commercial opportunities with large customers in the local chemicals industry. 

What lies ahead for Dilex Purification? 

Dilex has been onboarded as a member of the Durban Chemicals Cluster. The SME is undergoing several diagnostic assessments to prioritise which improvements should be made within the business strategy, operations, finances and people management to enable better delivery to customers and sustainably scale. Dilex will continue to receive mentorship and upgrading support through the Accelerator to stabilise delivery, scale production and meet customers’ growth needs. 

The cluster would like to thank eThekwini Municipality and participating large customers FFS Refiners, H&R Africa, NCS South Africa, Sherwin-Williams and SAPREF for their support of the Accelerator, commitment to empowering Black industrialists and driving the economic transformation of the local chemicals sector.